How to install Windows 7 or 8 from USB using UEFI

In order to benefit from the new UEFI features (including faster system startup), you will have to prepare your USB device slightly different.

Main take-away here: UEFI accepts boot loaders in files placed a the FAT formatted boot volume

To prepare your USB stick (4GB minimum) manually follow these steps:

  1. Open an elevated command
  2. Start diskpart
  3. Enter list disk

    Locate your USB stick, no room for mistakes here or you might destroy the wrong thing.

  4. Enter select disk #    (where # is the number of your USB drive, in the example above it’s number 3)
  5. Enter the following commands, keep in mind that all data on the USB device will be deleted:
    • clean
    • create partition primary
    • select partition 1
    • active
    • format quick fs=fat32
    • assign
    • exit
  6. Mount or extract the Windows 7 or 8 ISO
  7. Copy the contents from the ISO to the USB stick
    • xcopy S:\* D:\ /s /e        (S = the ISO drive or contents, D = the USB device)
  8. Reboot your computer and enter the “BIOS” by pressing one of the F keys, this key varies depending on hardware manufacturer and model.
  9. Enable the option “UEFI only” or similar option.
  10. Save and exit, boot from your USB stick to start the installation.

Do you want to check if Windows is installed in such a way that its actually using UEFI, please consult my other blog post.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tomas, you are absolutely right. Thanks for commenting, will fix it straight away!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The USB will boot but in the end you will have a NON-UEFI installation. Please read my other blog post on how to check afterwards.

  3. Tomas Kanturek says:

    Hi, are you sure about second "clean" in the sequence? I'd say that this wipes the drive, so your previous steps will be lost…. but maybe I'm wrong:)


  4. Donkey says:

    I used Win7 USB tool to convert ISO to USB…the tool formatted my usb stick to NTFS..I selected UEFI boot & it boots so its not only FAT is it?

  5. rahmat says:

    may you can help me

    how make win 7 & win 8 or the other os in UEFI?


  6. rahmat says:


    i mean 2 booting win 7 & win 8 or the other OS

  7. bemos says:

    how about install.wim files that in the source directory? its size >4gb ?

  8. RODNEY says:

    I had trouble with this method as my motherboard (Gigabyte with Hybrid EFI) wasn't booting in EFI mode.  I found the site at helpful as to how to add an efi file to help the USB device boot in EFI mode.

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  10. koLOlos30 says:

    When create USB flash a bios need to be the legacy?

  11. Ben says:

    i tryed everything in this tutorial but still my usbs tick didn’t pop up in the list

  12. Pablo says:

    This tutorial is missing the most important diskpart command:
    convert gpt
    This is the whole point of formatting with diskpart – to convert to gpt, because uefi systems only boot from gpt.

    Just issue "convert gpt" command after clean and your uefi install will work.

  13. Anonymous says:

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  17. Jianxiang says:

    Worked for me!
    Thanks for sharing~

  18. Media Pacu says:

    may you can help me

    how make win 8 & win 10 or the other os in UEFI?


  19. Thx1326 says:

    There are two problems with ALL of these various scenarios on how to use Rufus or other method to boot from USB to install Win7.
    1. Even if you boot and install from the USB – the new installation is not UEFI mode – the whole purpose of going through this.
    2. Even though the computer boots from the USB – in many cases there is no video.

    Does anyone have a step by step method to install win7 in UEFI mode on an HP Pavillion 7212 laptop?


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