Windows 8 Interactive Services Detection “Error 1: Incorrect Function”

When an application or service displays an interactive message in session 0, Windows 7 displays a message to inform you about this application. You can use this feature to switch to session 0 and have a look which message is waiting: The process responsible for this detection is UI0Detection.exe and controlled by a service called…


How to install Windows 7 or 8 from USB using UEFI

In order to benefit from the new UEFI features (including faster system startup), you will have to prepare your USB device slightly different. Main take-away here: UEFI accepts boot loaders in files placed a the FAT formatted boot volume To prepare your USB stick (4GB minimum) manually follow these steps: Open an elevated command Start…


How to check in Windows if you are using UEFI

You might be wondering if Windows is using UEFI or the legacy BIOS, it’s easy to check. Just fire up MSINFO32 and look for this entry:   There are two possibilities here, either UEFI or Legacy.