Hello world

Imagine a world where all software runs perfectly, system administrators never make mistakes and the whole IT infrastructure is so easy that it all runs smoothly without any human intervention.....
Think we all agree that we are not quite there yet? Great stuff because that’s where my job comes into play! 

My job is to visit Microsoft Premier customers (hence the Premier part in "Premier Field Engineer") and deliver al kind of proactive and reactive support. The majority is proactive, which basically means stuff to prevent problems from occurring. Examples are health checks, chalk and talks or so called Risk Assessment Programs (RAPs). The reactive part means being oncall and flying out to customers who are in (desperate) need of assistance.

Although I’ve been doing this for years, today is the time to start a blog and start sharing more stuff I encounter, cheer along the way by leaving a comment.


Regards, Pieter (pwigle)

Senior Premier Field Engineer

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