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The IIS7 output cache is a new feature in IIS7 which makes it possible to cache entire responses in memory - even from dynamic content.  Unlike the existing caches IIS has, it is a 'smart' cache, enabling you to configure it to cache separate copies of responses for the same page (like index.php) based on query string value, so it works great for the Qdig application we've been using.  One of the other really cool things about it is the fact that it is integrated with the http.sys (kernel mode driver) cache, allowing for blazing fast performance.  Output caching is going to be a very powerful feature for all kinds of applications, from PHP to ColdFusion, Classic ASP to CGI.  It will work with any content type, and can significantly speed up performance for applications where the underlying data doesn't change (like our image gallery), or where the changes occur at a predictable rate (so you can timeout the cache at the expected interval).  Even in cases where the data is changing, say, once a second, it may make great sense to use the output cache with an expiration of 1 second.  This allows for the dynamic processing to occur only once a second, instead of on every request, significantly speeding up response times and lowering CPU. 

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The native output cache in IIS7 was inspired by the ASP.NET Output Cache, which I owned in the ASP.NET 2.0 timeframe.   It is essentially a faster version of it, with much fewer features (no cache dependencies, validation callbacks, or fancy http1.1 client caching support), but still capable of caching dynamic content AND able to provide much better control of memory usage then the ASP.NET cache. 



Native output cache is the new user mode response cache added in IIS7. This module provides similar functionality as provided by the managed output cache module in ASP.NET. Functionality of this module can be controlled by editing system.webServer/caching section or by using IHttpCachePolicy intrinsic. Following properties can be set in system.webServer/caching section.


総合すると http://msdn2.microsoft.com/ja-jp/library/ms178603(VS.80).aspx の機能をIIS7ネイティブでユーザーモード用に実装したということかな。


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