Microsoft Software for Eligible Nonprofit Organizations

Here are two programs where you can request Microsoft software for eligible nonprofit organizations.


Unlimited Potential Software Donations

Microsoft donates the latest software technology to eligible nonprofit organizations around the world. Microsoft's software donations are demand-driven, based on the requests of individual nonprofits to meet their organizational needs.  Software donations are often an integral part of a community-based technology training program. By providing access to the latest business and productivity applications, nonprofit organizations can help underserved individuals develop valuable skills for today's workplace. 


How it Works:

How to Obtain Donated Software

Review Eligibility Criteria and Learn How to Apply

First review the program guidelines to determine if your organization meets the eligibility criteria. Microsoft accepts funding proposals from eligible organizations through Microsoft subsidiary offices located around the world. Funding decisions are made in March and October of each year. 



Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) Program

What Is the MAR Program? The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program was created to increase the number of usable PCs available to nonprofits, schools, and low-income families across the globe by reducing the cost of software to refurbishers. The MAR program also benefits the environment by giving new life to a significant number of computers that may otherwise be destined for landfills. The MAR Americas program provides a range of Microsoft software to PC refurbishers in North America. The MAR Program is a partnership between Microsoft and TechSoup.


The MAR program authorizes eligible refurbishers to install the following software applications on refurbished (used) computers for eligible recipients:

·         Windows 2000 is available for all computers through the program.

·         Windows XP is available for computers that were previously installed with Windows XP.

·         Microsoft Works 7.0 is available for all computers through the program.

·         Microsoft Office XP Standard is available for computers supplied to eligible charitable organizations and other Microsoft specially approved recipients, but not for eligible academic recipients.


To be a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, you must:

·         Supply 20 or more computers per year to charities, schools, or families.

·         Be a commercial, nonprofit, school, college, or government-based refurbisher.

·         Be located in any of the countries of North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean (with the exception of Cuba).

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