2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide Beta Available!

With almost 300 security and privacy settings, the 2007 Microsoft Office release is the most secure version of Microsoft Office ever.  To help customers quickly and easily deploy security configurations for Office across their institutions, Microsoft is developing the “2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide”.


When completed in Q4 of 2007, the guide will provide your IT staff with best practices and automated tools to help strengthen the security of computers running the 2007 Microsoft Office release on either Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2.


Based on extensive, real-world experience from customers, government agencies, and Microsoft security experts; the 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide lets you choose from two thoroughly tested baseline security configurations.


Customers can easily tailor the configuration they choose, modifying security settings to accommodate their unique needs. And the included Group Policy tool will help your staff automatically deploy the security settings they choose—in minutes, instead of hours or days.


The Beta version of the guide is now available. To join the Beta program, visit the Microsoft Connect site and look for the “2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide” at the top of the list under “Available Connections”.

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