Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Model – Where Does Your HiED Organization Fall Within the Maturity Model?

Explore the progression of IT systems and find guidance for improving your organization. Infrastructure Optimization serves as a gauge for IT organizations and provides a logical roadmap to progress from reactive to proactive IT service management.





Assess your infrastructure and operations

See where you are in the model and get recommendations for how to move to the next level.

Learn How to Move from Standardized to Rationalized

Download the second of the Core Infrastructure Optimization Implementer Resource Guides: Standardized to Rationalized.

Learn How to Move from Basic to Standardized

Download the Core Infrastructure Optimization Implementer Resource Guide: Basic to Standardized.

What is the Infrastructure Optimization model?

Read the datasheet to find out more about how the model works and what its levels mean.


Webcast: Take control of your IT infrastructure

Microsoft IT Showcase: Infrastructure optimization at Microsoft

White papers

The relationship between IT labor costs and best practices for Systems Management Server


Analysis of the business value of Windows Vista


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Stages in the Model

Basic: “We fight fires”

Find out how you can make your infrastructure more manageable and less expensive.

Standardized: “We’re gaining control”

Learn how automated systems management and automated identity and access management can help your IT staff efficiently access the tools and information they need, making your organization’s infrastructure more secure and more reliable.


Rationalized: “We enable business”

Discover how an efficient and controlled infrastructure can transform your IT environment into a strategic business asset.

Dynamic: “We’re a strategic asset”

Learn more about how IT systems can become self-managing and dynamic, the final stage in the Infrastructure Optimization Model.


IT Life Cycle

Windows Server System Reference Architecture (WSSRA)

Find out how the WSSRA can help you design, build, and operate a standardized approach to IT architecture across your organization and your systems integration projects.

Microsoft Operations Framework

The operation framework provides guidance on how to plan, deploy and maintain IT operational process in support of mission-critical IT service solutions.


What IO Can Do for Business

Make IT a strategic asset

Streamline the way people do business

Deliver a flexible, scalable application platform

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