MOSS 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh Expires May 15, 2007

On May 15th the MOSS 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh will expire. 


Please review your SharePoint deployments and ensure, your organization is running the released version.  If you are still running Beta 2 Technical Refresh, you will need to upgrade to RTM using the prescriptive guidance,


Upgrading to RTM requires special attention because some of the steps are not common for upgrades,  such as renaming a registry key before uninstalling B2TR.  The upgrade document needs to be follow to the letter for it to succeed.  If a customer makes a mistake and misses the registry key rename,  it is still possible to upgrade but will require a content database migration as explained in KB,


For additional information and downloads to MOSS beta builds, please visit the the SharePoint blog:


Windows SharePoint Services v3 Beta does not have a time bomb and will not expire;  but we encourage customers to verify they are running the release version.  Instructions for upgrading from WSS v3 Beta to RTM is documented here,


All of the other WSS upgrade documentation and beta builds are addressed in KB,




When users try to open their MOSS 2007 sites or the SharePoint Central Administration page they receive the following error message:

The trial period for this product has expired.



MOSS 2007 Beta2TR expired on May 15, 2007.  This means 12:01 AM on Wednesday, May 16, 2007, they will no longer be able to see the interface of MOSS 2007 Beta2TR.  You will be able to determine that they have Beta2TR by the having above error message displayed on their machine, and when you go into add\remove programs you will notice the version number for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is: 12.0.4407.1005



Follow the steps that are outlined in the following blog:

1.     Perform a complete Server and SQL backup of the SharePoint databases.

2.     If at all possible follow the “How to install the Beta 2 Technical Refresh update in a new installation” instructions to install Beta2TR on a different server.

3.     If an additional server is not available, if you have the beta 2 bits, you will need to uninstall and follow the rest of the steps in step 2.

4.     Follow the steps to setup the new farm for the first time (setup services on server, create SSP, etc) then attach the Beta 2 content database to force an upgrade on the content.

5.     Start planning the Beta 2 TR to RTM upgrade as Beta 2 TR will expire on May 15th. 


Additional Information:


If customers want to see their data to prove this is the issue:

1.)  They must set their time\date to anything eariler than May 15, 2007

2.)  Go into Services > stop "Windows Timer" service

3.)  The reason why you need to stop this service is because the machine will contact the DC and it will change our time to match the DC's time\day stamp.


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