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Windows Vista Virtual Labs have been updated to RTM! The newest desktop operating system from Microsoft, Windows Vista includes advancements in security and reliability, along with increased cost and operational efficiencies. For the IT professional, Windows Vista is easier to deploy, and less expensive to maintain, than any earlier version of Windows. And for users, Windows Vista's improved performance and reliability add value by allowing people to be more effective while performing their jobs. Explore for yourself the improved security, management and productivity by experiencing Windows Vista in these Virtual Labs.

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It's simple-no complex setup or installation is required to try out Windows Vista. You get a downloadable manual and a 90-minute block of time for each module. You can sign up for additional 90-minute blocks anytime.


Getting Started with Windows Vista: Virtual Lab Express Series

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Browse with enhanced security

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Better Protection from Malware

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Built-in Diagnostics

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Instantly Search and Find Information

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Improved and Automated Help Options

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Set up and Connect to Networks with Simplicity

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Easily Manage your Data Synchronization

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Improve your PC's Power Management

Windows Vista Virtual Lab Express: Collaborate in Small Groups Anywhere, Anytime


Windows Vista Virtual Labs

Managing Network Security Using Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Deploying Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System Images Using SMS 2003

Automating Windows Vista Installation with Windows System Image Manager Virtual Lab

Windows Vista: Managing Windows Longhorn Server and Windows Vista using Group Policy

Windows Vista: Offline Servicing of Windows Images Using ImageX and PkgMgr

Windows Vista: Managing Network Bandwidth using Windows Quality of Service (QOS)

Windows Vista: Managing Windows Vista Using New Management Technologies

Windows Vista: Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0

Enterprise Search: Desktop Search

Enterprise Search Overview


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