Microsoft Product Training Resources – Updated March 2007

Microsoft and Technet Events

Microsoft Webcasts: for business executives, topics include: solutions for corporate compliance (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley Act); increasing productivity and efficiency; reducing costs; and improving strategic planning in your organization. For technology managers, topics include: business value of technology solutions, ROI, business intelligence, security and enterprise integration.

TechNet Webcasts: for IT professionals, topics include: planning, deployment, migration and management.

TechNet Support Webcasts: specifically cover issues around support including troubleshooting, configuration, diagnostics and break/fix topics.

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Technet Events

Technet Webcasts

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Upcoming Microsoft webcasts in a dynamic, interactive format.

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Technet Virtual Labs


MSDN Events

MSDN Webcasts: for developers, topics include: developer tools and development best practices.

MSDN Webcasts


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MSDN Virtual Labs


Other Events

Microsoft Office System Webcasts: for business professionals, topics include: using Microsoft Office System products such as Visio, Project and OneNote.

 Microsoft Dynamics (formerly Microsoft Business Solutions), Small Business and Momentum Webcasts: for executives and professionals in small to mid-size organizations, these webcasts focus on providing live demos and relevant information about business management software and services that help organizations automate processes, make more profitable decisions, and accelerate growth.

Security: for IT Professionals and Developers to stay technically updated on the latest Microsoft Security Guidance. These webcasts concentrate on security information and are presented by senior executives and other subject matter experts. They feature interactive technical presentations, product demonstrations, and question-and-answer sessions.



Other Learning Offerings


NOTE: if you have software assurance on your campus agreement, then typically e-Learning training is an included offering.  Please check with your Microsoft licensing coordinator for the instructions on how to access your e-Learning resources.


Microsoft Training Events

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Enterprise Learning Framework

Overview of the Enterprise Learning Framework

The Enterprise Learning Framework (ELF) helps corporations develop a training and communication plan for employees during Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system deployment. The ELF identifies the most relevant learning topics on Windows Online Help and Office Online for different stages of deployment and different types of users. With the Enterprise Learning Framework you can:

  • Minimize concern by preparing employees for deployment and raising awareness of the new versions’ benefits

  • Minimize disruption on deployment day by getting employees up to speed with a short list of "must know" topics

  • Select tips-and-tricks and other productivity topics to help employees get the most from Windows Vista and the 2007 Office release after deployment

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