DST Update: Exchange Calendar Update Tool Revised – February 21, 2007

The DST 2007 and Exchange product group have released an updated version of the Exchange Calendar Update Tool: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=930879. 


Download Center:




This update will run the existing  Outlook Time Zone Update Tool.  We anticipate releasing a patch for the Outlook tool which is designed to help rebase when updating direct-booking and AAA managed resource mailboxes.  The following information will help you understand changes incorporated in this update of the Exchange tool:


Improvements over the initial release:


·         Approximately doubles performance improvement when MSEXTMZ.exe is

·         running in Update Mode


·         Improved user interface


·         Addressed memory leak that caused the need to frequently restart

·         the client machine (after 10K iterations)


·         Improved algorithm for mapping extracted time zones to OS time

·         zones



Key changes to the KB:


* Do not install KB926666 patch on Exchange servers prior to rebase.

Install the patch after the rebase.  Installing before the rebase will

cause OWA recurring meetings not to be updated.  If you already have

KB926666 installed on the Exchange servers, uninstall it and (re)run the

Exchange tool.


NOTE:  If you have already applied the patch, run the rebasing tool.

and are satisfied with the results there is no need to agonize over

whether to remove the CDO patch and re-base mailboxes for OWA users.

Proceed onward, guide your users, and prepare your help desk to handle



Task Scheduling


For those of you who have asked about task scheduling in the Operating

System during the transition period, there is nothing remarkable about

it compared to transition to DST and back in any year.  The basic

reference for task scheduling is http://support.microsoft.com/kb/325413,

INFO: Task Scheduler Behavior at Daylight Saving Time Transitions and other Events.


 DST Patches


We’ve received a lot of questions regarding the availability of new DST patches, hopefully the info below will help:

·         KB 930241 E2K3 SP2 fix to the store mount problem should be available EOD Thurs.

·         KB 931915 E2K3 SP2 Newfoundland DST update, current ETA is end of week.

·         KB 931978 for E2K3 SP1 already contains the Newfoundland DST update and does not have the store mount problem

·         No updates planned for E2K and 5.5 to address Newfoundland.  Neither E2K nor 5.5 have the store mount problem.



Technical Assistance


The DST 2007 product group is hosting daily Technical Chat sessions for customers beginning

February 23, 2007 from 10:00am-2:00pm. To participate in a technical chat with a Microsoft subject matter expert on DST please point visit the link and schedule at:




Or, you can view the technical chat schedule in addition to all of the

Live Meeting sessions (live and on-demand) at this location:




And, there is video content available on running the tools at


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