DST 2007 Update: Entourage 2004 and MAC OS X


Below are the important points in this regard:


1. Apple made changes in their Mac OS X (in 10.4.6: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303411, look under 'Other' section) so that their OS is aware of new DST 2007 changes


2. Entourage 2004 at that time wasn't updated/aware of those changes, thus users were seeing the issue as described in KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/924606


3. We released 11.3.3 Update recently to resolve that issue, so now Entourage 2004 is aware of DST 2007 changes, and thus you don't see the issue in KB: 924606


4. If you are a consumer level user, who uses Entourage with POP/IMAP/SMTP type of accounts, you are good, issue is taken care of for you, BUT if you will exchange meetings with another user who uses an app to handle meetings which is not up to date and aware of DST 2007 changes then you may still see 'meeting times not correct' issue.


5. This same issue will also be experienced by Entourage users who connect to mailboxes on an Exchange server, IF the Exchange server and other users (Entourage and Outlook) are not updated to be aware of DST 2007 Changes. They can test this right now to confirm this behavior with an Entourage user who has installed 11.3.3 Update and working with other Outlook users who are not updated.


6. Thus we advise to follow the same strategy which is outlined in the slides we presented yesterday to them, when they upgrade their other clients using Outlook (which happens after server upgrade), they can then upgrade Entourage clients as well, i.e. install 11.3.3 Update. Then it will work fine.


7. The main point to keep in mind is that Entourage clients updated with 11.3.3 Update will work fine today but issues will come up only when they interact with clients which are not updated with DST 2007 changes. Thus in order to make sure that everyone works fine, the updates need to happen in suggested manner, i.e. severs first and then clients.


8. The 11.3.3 Update will make sure that Entourage handles all new meetings which span during the new DST time period properly. For meeting invites sent out prior to the 11.3.3 Update and in the new DST window, Entourage will not send meeting updates to announce the adjusted times. As long as the Outlook attendees apply the upcoming patch and Entourage users are up to date, this should not be an issue. They will all have their events adjusted consistently. For attendees using an application unaware of the new DST rules, the meeting times will be off for these events. Entourage product group will not be releasing any client side Update Tool either like you will have for Outlook. If you are concerned about this as this may impact your Entourage users working with other internal and external users, we advise to test and use the Outlook Update Tool, the server side version specifically would be better in my view, by Exchange Server Admins to take care of the issue with existing meetings in Entourage users' calendars.

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