Window Vista Training Options

There are and will be a number of different training options made available to assist IT Professionals, Developers and End Users learn about and use Windows Vista.  Some have already been released on a beta level, and there will be much more to come as we get closer to RTM. 


Much of the training is currently being tested by our early deployment customers. Here are a few available at this time.


·      Windows Vista Webcasts and events IT-Pro:


·      MSDN Windows Vista starting page


·      Enterprise Learning Framework Tool - The Enterprise Learning Framework (ELF) is a tool that helps organizations develop a training and communication plan for employees during Microsoft Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system deployment.


·      Windows Vista Tips & Tricks The information here gives you all the tools you need to become more efficient and productive with Windows Vista right away. You'll find great webcasts to attend and great cheat sheets to download right here! And, if you're responsible for training in your company, there are tools here for you too—just check out the "Training Tools" section.


There is also Microsoft Learning content that is starting to appear at


Here is the current Windows Vista Learning cataloged:{42c8785a-489a-481c-bf29-3bb16905c7c9}/{11182676-d3c8-405d-bf7b-bf8604ca2c9e}/{edf6ecdb-30c6-4dba-83b9-cc905bb59565}


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