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Product Evaluation

Discover what's new in Windows Vista and locate product information.

Planning and Architecture

Learn about how to plan for implementing Windows Vista in your own environment.


Explore installation and configuration options for Windows Vista according to recommended topologies and scenarios.

Security and Protection

Discover how to help protect your system and data from malicious attacks with tools, practice labs, and related articles.

Management and Operations

Learn about enhancements to Group Policy, improvements to operations management, and new features that will help lower support costs.

Security and Protection

Windows Vista security overview (video)

For an overview of some of the key security features in Windows Vista, view this:

Windows Vista security demo (28 minutes, WMV)




Security in Windows Vista: setting a new standard

This page provides links to downloadable documents with detailed descriptions of the security enhancements in Windows Vista.


Security features and improvements

Tony Northrup describes the most significant security improvements in Windows Vista, the benefits they provide, and why the new features matter to IT professionals.


Windows Vista security guide

This in-depth guide provides instructions and recommendations to help strengthen the security of desktop and laptop computers running Windows Vista in a domain with the Active Directory directory service.


Windows Vista Trusted Platform Module Services step-by-step guide

This guide provides the instructions necessary to use Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Services in a test lab environment.


Learning Paths for Security—Client Security: Present and Future

Find webcasts, virtual labs, and other resources to help you enhance your client security. Then, preview the new and improved security features in Microsoft Windows Vista.


BitLocker Drive Encryption

Find out how BitLocker Drive Encryption provides enterprises powerful data protection; helping to protect against the unwanted disclosure of information from lost, stolen or inappropriately decommissioned PC assets.


User Account Control

Find out how Windows Vista makes it possible for organizations to deploy a more manageable and secure desktop in which administrators can run as standard users (formerly users) and still perform administrative tasks. Note: In early versions of Vista this technology was known as "User Account Protection."

Security Community

Windows Vista security blog

Find out what makes Windows Vista more secure and stay updated on the latest security developments.


On-Demand webcast: security in Windows Vista

Learn how to choose and enable the security configuration of your Windows Vista desktops, manage ongoing security updates, and maintain desktop security.


On-demand webcast: Windows Vista security update

Windows Vista is engineered to be the most secure version of the Windows client yet. This webcast describes the security advances in Windows Vista and includes demos of User Account Control and Internet Explorer Protected Mode.

 Featured Articles


Business desktop deployment for Windows Vista

Download and use BDD 2007, the best-practice guidance on how to optimally deploy Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system.

Point and Print security on Windows Vista

Best practices for configuring Point and Print security on Windows Vista client computers.

Step-by-step guides for Windows Vista

Download step-by-step guides to help you evaluate and test Windows Vista technologies.

Featured Resources

 Windows Vista Team Blog
The official and authoritative resource on Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Security Blog
Stay updated on the latest security developments.

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