hhh comic series – week 26 day 1

Toad. Chen. Steve. Emil. Rilla. For 25 weeks you have followed our heroes around the world. Act today, download your favorite hero to use in emails or wallpaper on your computer.



Errant satellites need tracking. Emil and Rilla are AWOL. In the middle of the chaos Chen writes notes for future reference...giving us a rare glimpse into her life. Read Chen's email.

Brought to you by Microsoft and Seagate.  Explore the ultimate action adventure from Seagate........starring you as the hero. Do you have a story idea? Submit it {here}.

Comments (1)

  1. Chris says:

    Panel 3 – how interesting that "Steve’s Job" was together.  And then the next line is, "To make video game noises?"  Is that a knock against Apple?

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