hhh comic series – week 22 day 6



Go behind the scenes with Seagate! See what Emil has to say this week - Read Emil's email.

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Comments (5)

  1. shabesh says:

    there n China responsible for one of the most if not the most production of tea in the world and he asks for coffee lolz

  2. Nixuz says:

    There are lots of Chinese people that never drink tea and use other caffeinated beverages as a replacement. This is just a poor stereotype.  

  3. ss_doug says:

    Look the fact is, Steve is right, and everybody else is wrong. Coffee is the way.

    Besides, here he is, a guy ripped from his normal life, dragged around the world to China, to save the Chinese space program, no less, and all he wants is a cup of coffee. What is wrong with that? And why does his host have to treat it like some kind of imposition?

  4. Chris Burnham, HHH Writer says:

    @Nixuz:  This really wasn’t intended to play up a stereotype of *any* kind.  The entire point was Steve is a coffee drinker, he’s somewhat socially unaware and the bit was to demonstrate exactly that.  Honestly, in many respects I’m writing myself as Steve.  While I might be slightly more aware of my surroundings, I’m a die-hard coffee drinker.  Regardless of what country I’m in, I’d be looking for coffee even if it wasn’t the beverage of choice.

  5. Fly says:

    Well I haven’t been to China, but I’ve been in Taiwan and they in fact have LOTS of tea (at least 20-30 different kinds in a regular store), and from my experience, despite having coffe they do not normally drink it, it is mainly for tourists.

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