hhh comic series – week 21 day 4

Today's cartoon illustrates the theme of global cooperation—figuratively and literally. We invited back several of our previous artists to render their region's hero, including America's Rick Burchett; Russia's Mikhail Ivanov; Spain’s German Torres; UK's Adrian Bamforth; France’s Johann Leroux; and Canada’s UDON Studios. Kudos to Avalanche Comics Entertainment's Keri Roberts for pulling this complex cartoon together on time—and across a half dozen time zones!


Go behind the scenes with Seagate! See what Chen has to say this week - Read Chen's email.

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Comments (8)

  1. Impious1 says:

    The major airport in Toronto is called Pearson International Airport… I’m just sayin’.



  2. AdTheRat says:

    .. Playing football with a blackberry or some device in his hand.. most interesting..

  3. Jon L says:

    Yeah, I wondered about that, too. lol…

    Seems like a really weird time to be on the phone.  Or texting.  Or something. o_O lol

  4. Chris says:

    That’s one large plane in the airport frame – a little too large.  And too close to the window.  If the people are in the arrival/departure section of the terminal where the plane would be seen, some of the luggage is too large to be carry on.

    In Bangalore, the woman needs to ask for an outside line?  Does she have VoIP or a PBX connection in her home?  I’m assuming she’s at home since granny is rocking in the corner.

    And the comment from one of the techs at the ZZZ headquarters stating that they’ve been saving the day for the past 20 weeks would be a bit of a stretch for me.  I would think it’s closer to three or four weeks when looking at the strip timeline as opposed to the comic posting timeline.  E.g. The first week of comics posted in January/February probably cover two or three days based on their attire, comments, and general observations.

  5. Chris Burnham, HHH writer says:

    @Imp:  The airport name was entirely my error.  I didn’t even think to look it up since we previously referred to it as Toronto International.

    @Chris:  The joke I went for with the 20 weeks comment was poking fun at ourselves for the time the strip has been in progress.  Since I’m explaining it, it clearly didn’t work as I intended.

  6. Chris says:

    Ah, breaking the fourth plane.  Perhaps a more direct way would have been to say that "the writers have been doing it for 20 weeks" or something similar.

  7. Fly says:

    The spanish has a couple errors that could be easily corrected. In the beggining of each frase the first letter should be removed, the punctuation signs are OK, but this letter is a surplus.

  8. AJ says:

    The woman in Bangalore is clearly wearing African attire and definitely not Indian! I know we service outsource needs a lot in Bangalore but African attired woman and grandmother is a stretch that the MAD comic would take more than a frame to explain 🙂

    Nice comic strip. Keep it coming…

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