hhh comic series – week 21 day 2



Go behind the scenes with Seagate! This week we learn why Toad thinks Chen is running out of options – and what he plans to do about it. Read Toad's email.

Brought to you by Microsoft and Seagate.  Explore the ultimate action adventure from Seagate........starring you as the hero. Do you have a story idea? Submit it {here}.

Comments (2)

  1. Kevin says:

    Very interesting art via this studio.

    Rilla actually looks good! Hot!

    Emil, meanwhile, is going backwards in terms of language development. It is one thing to talk about yourself in the 3rd person but now he is channeling Yoda! The guy is meant to be a genius, not a two year old struggling to construct sentences, while dropping Zoot and Woot to sound nerdish …

  2. Fly says:

    I agree, especially about Rilla. It looks so "Manga".

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