HHH Comic Series Week 9-4



Why the change in artwork?  Click {here} to find out.  Brought to you by Microsoft and Seagate.  Explore the ultimate action adventure from Seagate........staring you as the hero. 


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Comments (3)

  1. ArtRedwood says:

    I got it the perfect way to stop the Merry virus, just get the zzz lawyers to file an injunction to say that 235 parts of her code violated zzz patients. And that she should cease and desist from using those parts immediately, but don’t tell her which parts they are.

    I’m sure that all the resulting FUD will cause catastrophic internal confusion, that will cause her to go into a constant loop, and she’ll be unable to continue with her nefarious plans of world domination…

  2. Fly says:

    Very nice option ArtRedwood

    As I said, teh best part are the Comments.

  3. Emil is the Marcus Brody of our story for sure now.  🙂

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