HHH Comic Series Week 8-4


Why the change in artwork?  Click {here} to find out.  Brought to you by Microsoft and Seagate.  Explore the ultimate action adventure from Seagate........staring you as the hero. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been making a point of reading the " Heroes Happen Here " online comic because it’s just a pure

  2. becn says:





  3. Andrew says:

    Have we just forgotten about the plot… You know the strange root kit killing everyone…

    But I agree with becn, wtf…

  4. David Cimini says:

    At first I thought you were going to make a play on of the song "Killer Queen" by Queen in the first tile when you said "She was a killer machine…" but maybe my mind is somewhere else.

  5. Say What? says:

    No wonder access was restricted… Have you ever tried kissing a woman on her doorstep from behind in the eyeball… no neither have eye! [pun ha ha ha]

    Actually, I can’t tell whether he’s trying to kiss her or mug her…

  6. Jon L says:

    It’s strange how much weight he puts on as the comic progresses… and that kiss on the side of the face, when she’s trying to get away, really makes the guy look like a total creeper.

  7. Jon L says:

    ** Question, do all IT Devs wear fanny packs to go on dates? o_O lol

  8. Artredwood says:

    may-be she’s a cylon… if she’s a killer machine

  9. Daz says:

    Haha fanny pack!  You sure he wasn’t deeenied for trying to access her backdoor  without a trojan?!  😉

  10. Deep says:

    I think the last frame is the fashion police with a helicopter. Code Red – we have a fanny pack alert.

  11. Fly says:


    Really, the BEST part of this comic from the last couple of weeks are the comments. They are funnier than the comic and very clever.

  12. Net Addict says:

    The worst written strip I have ever read. Please stop this crap. "Great architecture and a UI to die for"? What’s that? Please Dick Giordano you are a MASTER, you shouldn´t be drawing this crap…

  13. AdTheRat says:

    Don’t know why everyone is so bothered, this is basically akin to a guest week that some webcomics have. Tis normal, and quite often Cannon to the plot.

    – Addy

  14. Mikishawm says:

    My instinctive reaction upon first seeing this strip was sheer delight. The staging, the polish, the storytelling–Giordano is always a delight to behold.  

    Guest-artists are common–almost the norm–in today’s comics though their use doesn’t always display as much thought as it does here; i.e., using the prettiness of Giordano on a romance comic riff.  

    The break from continuity doesn’t bother me here anymore than it does when DOONESBURY or FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE has a stand-alone story in its Sunday strip unrelated to the daily continuities.

  15. jsacks says:

    I thought this was a great strip. All the folks who posted have obviously not read a lot of romance comics, because the story and art were spot-on. And getting the legendary Dick Giordano to draw an out-of-continuity strip? Pure magic. I hope you do more like this.

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