HHH Comic releases Day 1 comic

HHH Comic Series Day 1

Microsoft and Seagate are proud to release the first comic for the HHH Comic Series.  Make sure you sign up for the RSS feed to receive the comic everyday of the working week. (click here to view the full released version).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft and Seagate have partnered togethered to put together an IT Heroes comic (daily even). The

  2. Anonymous says:

    We are doing some cool things to support our forthcoming Heroes Happen Here launch on 2/27 in LA. Check

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eine spannende Comic Serie, die Heroes Happen Here {Comic Series} , rings um den Virus " Maleficient.Phax

  4. Anonymous says:

    Je viens de tomber dessus : un web comic journalier lancé par Microsoft et Seagate le 29 janvier 2008,

  5. Anonymous says:

    Read more HHH Comics RSS feed R.I.P. Kenh1234 Technorati Tags: Heroes Happen Here del.icio.us Tags: Heroes Happen Here …

  6. Charles N Wyble says:

    Great comic!!

    I really like the launch efforts that Microsoft is taking with 2008. Gonna be an awesome year!

  7. bill says:

    Keep them coming

  8. Helmer Zandbergen says:

    Great comic!

    I can’t hardly wait till Win2k8 will be launched in the Netherlands (March, 6th)!!

  9. Nathan says:

    So why couldn’t you say Klamath Falls, Oregon?  Since there is no such place as "Klamath Cliffs", I figure that is what you are talking about…  I’m from there.

  10. Zeighta Gold© says:

    Kewl, now there is a comic strip that can relate to studying how to be network administrator and having to deal with viruses etc that the end users seem to come across… (It was a bit difficult to read but I found the properties right clicking the pictures and was able to get the whole picture instead of half or so and continue reading the strip.)  Was working with Server 2008 BETA but my NAP doesn’t accept using servers and had to just run it like a computer…

    I was in a class with no instructor just an administrator and then she called in an Network Design Professional and they concluded that I knew enough to be dangerous and discontinued my pirated Server 2000 course.

  11. flav says:

    Dear visitor,

    If you are reading these strips in order, it is my unpleasant duty to inform you that the episode above is as funny as it gets.  (as of week 5)  However, this series offers plenty of opportunities to ridicule Microsoft, Seagate, Chuck Dixon, and anyone else taking this abomination seriously.

    That is all.

  12. Thia says:


    I’m disapointed in the way the subject matter is presented. How 1950s can we be with the woman knowing nothing about computers?

    ~not impressed.

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