2012 Windows PowerShell Scripting Games: All Links on One Page

Summary: The All Links on One Page for the 2012 Windows PowerShell Scripting Games is essential for monitoring the latest information about the games.   Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. The 2012 Scripting Games Events are in full swing, and the submitted scripts are available on PoshCode. The Scripting Games are the premier learning…

2011 Scripting Games: All Links on One Page

The 2011 Scripting Games begin on April 4, 2011, and run through April 15, 2011. The Scripting Games are the premier learning event of the year for IT pros and others who want to master Windows PowerShell. For each of 10 events, you as a registered contestant have seven days to script a solution to…


“Here Come da Judge, Here Come da Judge”

  Weekend Scripter: Meet the judges for the 2011 Scripting Games Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, here. Here are the judges for the Windows PowerShell 2011 Scripting Games, in no particular order. Sean Kearney Sean Kearney is an infrastructure support analyst and Microsoft MVP in Window PowerShell. He is absolutely passionate about automation technologies—especially Windows…


Blog Posts (Not by Us) About the 2010 Scripting Games

   Our judges of the 2010 Scripting Games have been blogging about the events.  We will update this list as more blog posts are made: Jeffery Hicks talks about verbose variations. Richard Siddaway writes Scripting Games Comments I. Jeffery Hicks discusses bool vs switch.  


Meet the Judges for the 2010 Scripting Games

      Ravikanth Chaganti has 9+ years of experience in IT and mostly in the Windows Server operating system related areas. His scripting experience dates back to his school days where he used to write DOS batch files to automate a few things on Windows 3.1. He did a lot of VBScripting, and a few popular…


2010 Scripting Games: All Links on One Page

  All essential 2010 Scripting Games links on one page! Add this page to your favorites. (Note: The 2010 Scripting Games are over, and we are no longer accepting entries. Thank you for participating!)   Scripts Review All Submitted Scripts Expert Solutions Advanced Event 10 Expert Solutions Beginner Event 10 Expert Solutions Advanced Event 9…