The top three tips for effective sorting in PowerShell

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Use a script block to create custom groupings in PowerShell

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Discover relationships by using Group-Object in PowerShell

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Find DSC resources that are available in the PowerShell Gallery

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Overview of the PowerShell Get module to find scripts

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PowerTip: Learn about PowerShell default parameter values

Summary: Learn about the default parameter values in Windows PowerShell.  How can I find more about default parameter values in Windows PowerShell?  Use the Get-Help cmdlet and search for *defaultParameter*. The following command returns a            list of Help topics that provide this information: help *DefaultParameter*… Read more

PowerTip: Return remainder after dividing two numbers

Summary: Use Windows PowerShell to return the remainder after dividing two numbers.  How can use Windows PowerShell to divide two numbers and only return the remainder (called a modulo operation)?  In Windows PowerShell, the modulo operator is the % sign. Here are a few examples of how to use it: PS C:\> 3 % 2 1 PS C:\> 5 %… Read more

PowerTip: Create list of approved PowerShell verbs

Summary: Learn how to easily produce a list of approved Windows PowerShell verbs.  How can I find what verbs are approved for use in a Windows PowerShell function?  Use the Get-Verb cmdlet, and to make it easy to peruse, send the output to the Out-GridView cmdlet: get-verb | Out-GridView… Read more

PowerTip: Find related cmdlet aliases

Summary: Learn how to find aliases related to a series of cmdlets.  How can I find aliases that are related to a series of Windows PowerShell cmdlets, such as processes?  Use the Get-Alias cmdlet and specify a wildcard character for the definition parameter, for example: Get-Alias -Definition "*process"… Read more