Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Pause and Resume Scripts with Windows PowerShell?

  Hey Scripting Guy! I am working on a Windows PowerShell script, and I would like to pause the script for three minutes and then resume it. I know I can use the Start-Sleep cmdlet to halt script execution, but I would like to give a visual indication that the script is waiting, and display… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Sort a Tab-Separated Value File with Windows PowerShell 2.0?

  Hey Scripting Guy! I have a bunch of data in a tab-separated value (TSV) file that I need to sort based upon one of the columns. If you could help me it would be great. We are using Windows PowerShell 2.0 if that is of any importance to your solution. — ML Hello ML,… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Determine Which Folders Are Using the Most Space on My Computer?

  Hey Scripting Guy! I have a laptop that I bought last year with Windows Vista installed on it. I love it. However, I have been reading all the positive reviews surrounding Windows 7, and I think I am going to install Windows 7 as soon as it is available. In fact, I have already… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Update More Than One Text File?

Hey Scripting Guy! I am trying to convert a number of text files that have been used to create old Web pages to a Web site that uses a new format. The problem is that the text files are not in a standard format. I need to identify the shortest lines in the text files… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Search a Text File to Work with Specific Text?

  Hey Scripting Guy! I have a log file that is produced by an application. The file is simply text, and is not really formatted in any discernable way. I can open the log in Notepad and use the <ctrl-f> (control –f) command to search the text file for specific things, but it would be… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Download Multiple Files at Once with Internet Explorer in Windows 7?

  Hey Scripting Guy! Internet Explorer used to be limited to only downloading two items at a time. I found a script that would increase it to 10, but that script does not work on Windows 7. I got accustomed to being able to download 10 things at the same from within Internet Explorer. Do… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Query a Microsoft Access Database with a Windows PowerShell Script?

  Hey Scripting Guy! I have a Microsoft Access database that I need to query from a Windows PowerShell script. I have seen a number of VBScript examples, but I cannot find any Windows PowerShell samples. Can you point me in the right direction? I do not want you to write it for me, but… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! Why Was Beginner Event 3 in the Summer Scripting Games So Hard?

  Hey Scripting Guy! I really enjoyed participating in the 2009 Summer Scripting Games. The events were really cool, and I learned a lot.  One minor criticism is in order: I thought the shot put beginner event 3 was too hard. I think it would have been better as an advanced event. What were you… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! Can I Query CPU Information with WMI and Windows PowerShell?

  Hey, Scripting Guy! I am interested in working with WMI and I would like to query for information from the CPU class. Do you have a script that will show me information about my CPU? I am particularly in need of processor speed and memory because we are trying to do an inventory to… Read more

Hey, Scripting Guy! How About a Formal Wrap-Up of the 2009 Summer Scripting Games?

Hey Scripting Guy! Whatever happened to the Summer Scripting Games? There was all the build up to the games, and then the games were over, and that was it. It would be nice to know what happened. Can you do a recap or something? — ZQ  Hello ZQ, Microsoft Scripting Guy Ed Wilson here. You… Read more