PowerTip: Edit Profile for PowerShell ISE

Summary: Identify and edit the autostart features for the Windows PowerShell ISE.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question Is there something similar to the $Profile feature in the Windows PowerShell console that I can use to customize
           my Windows PowerShell ISE environment?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer The variable name is the same in the PowerShell ISE, but the file name it references is different, for example:

Notepad $Profile

If you are using the Windows PowerShell 5.0 ISE, you can use:

PSEdit $Profile

Comments (2)

  1. hpotsirhc says:

    For all the poor people like me, that don’t have PowerShell 5.0, there is still hope:
    Copy the following function in your console-profile (which you opened with "notepad $Profile" the first time):

    function psEdit

    Powershell_ISE $filenames

    If you don’t have any profile, you can generate a new one with:
    New-Item $profile -ItemType File -Force

  2. @hpotsirhc

    Cool! Thanks for sharing! I was pretty certain that would work but hadn’t given it a shot. Thanks!

    Honorary Scripting Guy

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