PowerTip: Float PowerShell Help

Summary: Learn how to display your Windows PowerShell Help in a new window.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I keep my Windows PowerShell Help open so I can look at it while I am trying my new code?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the ShowWindow parameter. It will open a new window that contains your Help and allow you to move
           it around on your screen. More importantly, it returns your Windows PowerShell console back to you.
           Here is such a command:

Get-Help about_Classes -ShowWindow

Comments (3)

  1. Tim Bolton says:

    Per: June Blender < Get-Help -ShowWindow displays help only for commands and About topics (not provider help).

  2. Jarmo says:

    Very useful feature, but in PowerShell 5.0 it does not show Parameters and Description sections at all. And Notes is only partially displayed. This is not fixed in Production Preview version (5.0.10514.6).

  3. IamAllanM says:

    I made this semi permanent for the ISE many months ago by adding this in my ISE profile:

    # set to always open pshell help in a window rather than send output to console
    $PSDefaultParameterValues = @{
    ‘Get-Help:ShowWindow’ = $true

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