PowerTip: Use PowerShell to Find MAC Address

Summary: Easily find your MAC address with Windows PowerShell.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to find the MAC address on my computer?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the Getmac command-line reference.


Use WMI, for example:

Get-WmiObject win32_networkadapterconfiguration | select description, macaddress

Get-CimInstance win32_networkadapterconfiguration | select description, macaddress 

Comments (5)

  1. tommymaynard says:

    Get-NetAdapter | select Name,MacAddress
    (PowerShell 3 on Windows 8/2012 and PowerShell 4 on Windows 8.1/2012R2)

  2. Anonymous says:

    You beat me to it, Tommy. 🙂

  3. jim says:

    ipconfig /all will give it to you just as easily.

  4. Voytass says:

    try to get MAC of printer 🙂

  5. Manir says:

    I need to collect all MAC and IP address of LAN. Is there any powershell script? I am not allowed to use any networking tools

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