PowerTip: Mini-Scripting Games 2014 Question 1

Summary: Here is the Mini-Scripting Games 2014 first short-answer question.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question On your laptop running Windows 8.1, you opened the Windows PowerShell console and typed Get-Disk.
           You were greeted with an error message that says:
                “Get-Disk: Access to a CIM resource was not available to the client."
           What is the issue?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Answer to be posted next week!

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  1. Jimmy Dixon says:

    Powershell was started without "Run as administrator".

  2. Win 8.1 User says:

    Did not select "Run as Administrator" when opening the Powershell prompt.
    Selected "Run as Adminsitrator" and it gave a logon prompt?

  3. Vandrey Trindade says:

    C’mon guys… Is it difficult???

    "I ask only one thing: Please do not post any answers to these problems until next week. Please do not spoil the fun for your fellow scripters!"

  4. WIN 8.1 User says:

    Sorry, I missed the previous blog entry where it explicitly said don’t answer till next week

  5. Vandrey Trindade says:

    That’s ok… just don’t do it again =p

    Tip for the blog: Write that warning on every problem you post =]

  6. Jason Colotario says:

    Get-Disk requires administrator level privileges. After gaining Admin privileges, you will have no problem extracting information using the Get-Disk cmdlet.

  7. Robert says:

    You need a way to remind me to come back in a week to look up the answer 🙂

  8. chirag1 says:

    Robert: They do. Use RSS feeds to subscribe 😉

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