PowerTip: Export Lync Topology with PowerShell

Summary: Use the Lync cmdlets to obtain a copy of the Lync topology.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question Instead of going through the GUI wizard, can I use Windows PowerShell to schedule a fresh copy
          of my Lync topology as a regular nightly task so I can compare deltas?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Run the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet to create a file called Topology.zip with all of your topology:

Export-CsConfiguration -FileName C:\Backup\Config.zip

Comments (1)

  1. Amanda Debler says:

    While this is more useful for archiving the whole Lync config (policies, dial plans, etc.), it is not viewable in Toplogy Builder. Get-CsTopology -AsXml *should* provide a read-only copy viewable in TB, but the Simple URLs are missing, which TB shows as
    a fatal error.

    I’ve written a wrapper to pull the results of Get-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration into that file:


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