PowerTip: Add a Federation Domain to Lync with PowerShell

Summary: Use the Lync cmdlets to add an additional domain to Lync for federation access.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I'm working with a client to set up a federation, and I am trying to easily add their list of domains.
          How can I do this with Windows PowerShell?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer In Lync, use the New-CSAllowedDomain cmdlet:

NEW-CSAllowedDomain –identity 'fabrikam.com'

NEW-CSAllowedDomain –identity 'contoso.ca'

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  1. Thanks! All I do is help people with Lync. So, any time there’s another blog or reference I get excited. Thank you for posting Lync related PowerShell info!

  2. Yep! And of course if you need to hard code their access edge: New-CsAllowedDomain -Identity "fabrikam.com" -ProxyFqdn "edgeserver.fabrikam.com"

  3. @Anthony

    Excellent! Love when community drops in even more nuggets! You rock!


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