The Visit to the Oslo PowerShell User Group

Summary: Ed Wilson visits the Oslo Windows PowerShell User Group.

Well, things have been very busy for Teresa and me. In Oslo, we met up with Windows PowerShell MVP Jan Egil Ring. We went out for a nice dinner and got to see the state theatre, the Parliament building, and other cool and interesting things in Oslo. Here is a picture of Jan and me.


My presentation for the Oslo Windows PowerShell user group was at the university where they have an awesome facility. Teresa was busy showing off her Windows Surface to the members of the group – many who had never seen the device. They were soon filled with envy and stated verbally that they wanted one. Here is Teresa and a few of her new found friends as they pass around the device and put it through its paces.


The meeting was sold out, and the room was filled.


I started the meeting with Highway to PowerShell, and soon had everyone in great spirits.

Some of the questions I received during the meeting involved managing a domain from a non-domain joined device (such as a Windows RT surface), or how to determine all the permissions a user in Active Directory possesses and where those permissions arise from (for example, from a group membership or from direct assignment). There were also questions about the upper limitation of concurrent CIM sessions, as well as resource utilization during a CIM session.

Comments (3)

  1. When you come to Turkey?

  2. Ed Wilson says:

    @Serhad MAKBULOGLU The Scripting Wife and I would LOVE to come to Turkey. Unfortunately, there was not enough time on this trip. I thought it would be fun to ride on the Orient Express train to get there …

  3. Sune Alexandersen says:

    Thank you for a fantastic lecture!

    Hey, scripting guy! You cut me out from picture 1!! I was stinding to the right of you!

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