PowerTip: Easily Find PowerShell Help Online

Summary: Learn how to use the Online parameter from the Get-Help Windows PowerShell cmdlet.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can you easily find updated Help information from within Windows PowerShell?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use the Online switched parameter with the Get-Help cmdlet:

Get-Help gps -Online

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  1. DJ says:

    can you help i need it very urgent?

    pw shell script tht will build the array of letters from a to z pritn it out

    rotate the contents of the array and thn printit out…


    you my nt hard code the array like this..

    $data=('a','b'..so on)

    u hve to build the array in a for()loop ..use this hint to help you get the data setup


    the variable $letter now has the value 'a',the no 98 would create a'b',the no 99 would create 'c' and so on thr alphabet.use this technique ,substituting a variable for the no 98 to create the array.


    pritn the data in the array so it look:


    yr o/p must go letter follewed by a space folewed by the next letter.no commaa after the last letter.


    prompt the user for an integer greater than zero. use tht number to rotate the contents of the array. if the user enterd 1 thn letter 'a' would go whr the 'z' use to be nd everything will suffle to the left posittion

    step 4:

    ptint the final result bk to screen.u sld ablt to use the exact same code u wrote in step 2



    hw many position would like to shuffle the array?5


  2. Mj says:

    Sorry Bro ..not yet..m also trying man…..

  3. Dul Lee says:

    I need help with PowerShell I would like to read a txt file which has a list of computers one per line then search a different txt file for each name and have it write to a file.

    So Machine.txt has a list of computer name and master.txt has a list of computer names and serial number seperated by a : my goal is to run some kind of a powerShell to read machine.txt and search for each machine in master.txt and write the machine name and corresponding serial number to a txt file

    Can anyone help please

  4. Kamil Khuwaja says:

    I need to create local user accounts from Excel spreadsheet by using Powershell script. Can anyone help me out with it please?. I don’t need active dirctory method, I just need to add local accounts.

  5. burhan says:

    Hii does anyone know how to work with folder on cloud in powershell

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