PowerTip: Create a Strongly Typed Array in PowerShell

Summary: Learn how to create a strongly typed array.


Hey, Scripting Guy! Question I want to create a strongly typed array of system.diagnostics.processes and store it in a variable called $a. How can I do this?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use a command such as:


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  1. Ed Wilson says:

    @JRV because we can 🙂 It is a good way to ensure that what you are storing is exactly what you think you are storing in your array.

  2. Walid Toumi says:



    —> you can validate your variable or parameter :

    PS II> [diagnostics.process[]]$b=$null

    PS II> $b=1 # ERROR

    PS II> $b=gdr # ERROR

    PS II> gps *s*

    PS II>

    PS II> type c:scriptswhyfoo.txt

    function foo {







    PS II> import-function -Path c:scriptswhyfoo.txt -Name foo

    PS II> foo -b 5 # ERROR

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