PowerTip: Using Parameters with the Get-WmiObject PowerShell Cmdlet

Summary: Use parameters with the Get-WmiObject cmdlet

Question: Which parameter of the Get-WMIObject cmdlet takes the place of a WQL where clause?

Answer: The filter parameter takes the place of the WQL where clause as shown here: 
Get-wmiobject win32_logicaldisk –filter “drivetype  =  3”

Question: Which parameter of the Get-WMIObject cmdlet takes the place of a WQL select statement?

Answer: The property parameter takes the place of the WQL select statement as shown here: 
Get-WmiObject  win32_bios -Property name, version

Question: Which parameter of the Get-WmiObject cmdlet permits you to use a native WQL query?

Answer: The query parameter of the Get-WmiObject cmdlet accepts a native WQL query as shown here:
Get-WmiObject -Query "Select name, version from win32_bios"

Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thx for the nice tip!

  2. K_Schulte says:

    GWMI rocks 🙂


  3. jrv says:

    Excellent. Iti s the 'propewrty" parameter that allows us to programmticale select the properties very easily.




    Get-WmiObject  win32_bios -Property $props|select -expand properties|select name,value|ft -auto

  4. Ed WIlson says:

    @RLToscano you are welcome. I am glad you enjoy it.

    @JRV you are right … glad you like the tip

    @K_Schulte you are correct. I LOVE WMI … especially the way that PowerShell exposes WMI.

  5. CoolDBA says:

    I am trying to retrieve the disk usage information for the list of SQL servers(a,b,c,d….) using following command

         $serverlist = get-content 'D:APPSServerlist.txt'  

         foreach($server in $serverlist)


           Get-WmiObject Win32_Volume  -ComputerName $server | Select-Object SystemName,Label,Name,DriveLetter,DriveType,Capacity,Freespace


    For 4 weeks it executed fine and  generated the disk usage report for all the servers.

    but suddenly  it started generating  error for one of the server as shown below:

       Get-WmiObject : Provider load failure

           At line:1 char:14

           + Get-WmiObject <<<<  Win32_Volume  -ComputerName 'd' | Select-Object SystemName,Label,Name,DriveLetter,DriveType,Capacity,Freespace

               + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (:) [Get-WmiObject], ManagementException

               + FullyQualifiedErrorId : GetWMIManagementException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetWmiObjectCommand          

    I was not able to find any answer on web for this error. Whatever is available is only for Win32_Reliability , not for Win32_Volume.

    Does anybody faced such kind of issue ?

    Please help me resolving this issue.

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