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  1. Klaus Schulte says:

    Hello Ed,

    hope you had a nice weekend with the ScriptingWife! ( still wondering why she smelled like a coconut 🙂

    Apart from the wonderful scripts the decision where to store new modules is indeed more

    complicated than I thought …

    Especially the need for admin rights seems to be something to consider.

    One thing that may help is setting the environment variable "PSModulePath" to a location that is appropriate! I'd prefer to store my modules on a network drive below a "modules" folder and set PSModulePath in each profile.

    Adding locations to this path variable may be a way out!


  2. Klaus,

    Most sunscreen lotion smells like coconuts. I had already applied the sun protection lotion and was waiting on Ed to be ready to go outside. Have a good day.

  3. Scripting Guy says:

    Hi Klaus-

    You are right, the need for admin rights is something to consider, and it does make things a bit more complicated. Personally, I do not like to use the PSModulePath variable very much because it is an array … and I do not know which path is the system
    path and which is the one in the profile … Of course I can check, but if I am going to all that trouble I may as well use my own variable. In fact, I like to create a variable for my own module path. I keep that variable in my profile. Here are some Hey
    Scripting Guy articles I wrote about the profile…/profiles

  4. Hi Ed says:

    Great module here. Got a whole bunch of Citrix XenApp servers with those infamous Anon accounts. Tried remoting with the Remove-LocalUser while looping thru a list of servers and looping thru a list of user accounts, but kept on getting a user not found.
    Any ideas?


  5. George says:

    Hi, I have imported this module to $env:userprofileDocumentsWindowsPowerShellModules location however using Get-Module -ListAvailable command doesn’t display this module as existing.
    Can you explain me how to deal with it?

    Note: I’m using Windows server 2012

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