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  1. Good stuff. Trying to get a grip on defining parameters

  2. It would be great to have -Credential parameter for Local User Management Module. It can be implemented using System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.

  3. Thiyagu says:

    Nice article Ed.

  4. Klaus Schulte says:

    Dear Ed,

    it's great to know more about parameters and the use of parametersets!

    The idea behind parametersets looks like the concept of overloading functions in high

    level programming languages like Java, C++, C#, VB.Net e.g. which is not implemented

    in powershell 🙁

    More or less this concept seems to be introduced to resolve parameter set ambiguities

    but sometimes it is not straight forward, at least in my opinion.


  5. Luke Puplett says:

    Thanks for this post. At last. A proper, clear explanation with perfect examples.

  6. deadlydog says:

    Great article as usual Ed.  I've posted an article on how to make sure using your parameter set parameters are still compatible with PowerShell v2.0, as if you try and access them directly you may get a "The variable ‘$[VariableName]’ cannot be retrieved because it has not been set." error, which doesn't happen in PowerShell v3.0:

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