Scripting Wife comments on 2011 Scripting Games event 9


I can tell you the absolute truth, there are a few advantages to being married to a real live script monkey who is also the Microsoft Scripting Guy. One of them is, if you like Windows PowerShell, then you get to go to lots of cool places, meet lots of cool people, and do some really cool things. As a case in point, we are out at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Windows PowerShell Deep Dive. It was a ton of fun two days before the event even began. We sat around the pool talking  with some really great PowerShell people. We spent several hours just talking about our passion for PowerShell. We moved from the pool into the dining room and continued for several more hours talking and enjoying everyone's company. It is really great the way that Windows PowerShell people share their love for scripting. It is addictive, even for a beginner such as myself. Then yesterday I was invited by Don Jones personally to attend his pre-con session. It was more an intermediate session and I learned a couple of new things and reinforced something Ed and I have been talking about recently.  I blogged about this yesterday.  Today …. what can I say, the keynote today was delivered by Jeffrey Snover who is an absolutely wonderful speaker. I could spend all night listening to him talk about Windows PowerShell. Lee Holmes gave an awesome talk about little known tips and tricks of PowerShell. There were several things that I picked up (there were also several things that flew right over my head like a migratory water fowl). Alexandar Nikolic’s presentation about constrained endpoints was a total loss for me. I have no idea what a constrained endpoint is or why I would want to use one. I think Alexandar is a terrific person and enjoy conversing with him but he is way beyond my skill set for me to truly understand his talk.  However, the Scripting Guy, who was sitting beside me was busy jotting down notes, so he was getting a enough from the presentation for the both of us. I slipped out at the end of Kirk Munro’s session about using Visio and PowerShell, he is an awesome speaker and host. My phone battery died so I took the opportunity to come back to the room and recharge my phone and write this for you. Ed came up to the room as well so he could post it after I had it written.

Anyway, sorry for being a bit late on this posting, but I have been having so much fun, and it has been such a geek fest, that I could not find the time to write this before today. Anyway, here are my thoughts. Use the path cmdlets. There are two cmdlets you can find with the noun of path. One will test to see if a path exists. The other will create a path for you. These two cmdlets should get you some extra points. Also take a look at date formatting. It is easy to do and the Get-Help cmdlet will tell you everything you need to know about making your date look like what is required for the scenario. Also make sure that you know to convert your date from a datetime object to a string. There is a method, you can find it via Get-Member, that will convert your date to a string. The rest is basic create a file by using New-Item and create a directory by using New-Item. The help for both of these will point you in the right direction.

That’s it. Make sure you do this one. It should be an easy one for you to get all five points on! I am positive I wrote my first five point script today. I would love to have some company with this one.

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  1. Neil Clinch says:

    5 Points… Really,  The grading is pretty tough

  2. Scripting Wife says:

    I worked really hard and I think I got all the extra credit things correct. I am an optimist and if I don't get 5 stars it is still a 5 Star script to me. 🙂

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