Scripting Wife comments on 2011 Scripting Games event 7

Hey, everybody … I am on a roll. Another excellent scripting games event – if I do say so myself. This event was also a one line command … boy, I will tell you what, I am starting to feel like a real PowerShell person. I had to do a bit of digging around because I wanted to make sure that I was using the “best” native Windows PowerShell cmdlet to allow me to figure out a difference between two dates. I started out with the 2011 Scripting Games Study Guide. There is a lot of cool stuff there, but unfortunately nothing about dates. I then went and looked at the 2010 Scripting Games Study Guide and I found the answer (to an earlier question about environmental variables) again nothing about dates. I finally decided to give up on that, and I used the tag cloud on the Hey Scripting Guy! blog to filter out only Windows PowerShell and dates and times. Based on what I saw there I was able to figure out what I needed. In fact, one article reminded me of something I learned back when the college basketball tournament was still going on.

Well good luck to you. I am out of here. I had my hair and my nails done yesterday, but I still need to get some new clothes to wear at the PowerShell Deep Dive in Vegas. I think I will call up some of my friends so we can make a day of it. TTFN. (BTW, at my old job they used to call me Pooh Bear)

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