Scripting Wife to Compete in 2010 Scripting Games

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(This post by Ed Wilson originally appeared on the Microsoft Press Blog on Tuesday, March 9, 2010.)

On the face of it, one may think this is unfair competition. After all, the Scripting Wife is married to the Microsoft Scripting Guy. However, as Teresa used to constantly tell people at her former company (before she retired a couple years ago), “Just because my husband works for Microsoft does not mean I know anything about computers.” The means for learning about computers include training classes, books, videos, simulator labs, and podcasts--but not osmosis.

The Scripting Wife has read all six of my scripting books that were published by Microsoft Press, but according to her, “That does not mean I understand all the concepts. Sometimes I read the words, I recognize that it is English, but that is about it--at times it just does not make sense.” To make a long story short, Teresa is a scripting noob (new person); she has never written a script in her life.

I think she has seen all the fun I have had writing Windows PowerShell scripts over the last few years, and the enthusiasm finally caught up with her and she got swept away in the joy of the moment. Maybe she has seen me walking around the house talking to myself as I mull over the different events, seen the look of satisfaction on my face as I create the perfect task, or perhaps she is merely seeking new challenges. To be honest, I don’t know her motivation. I was so overjoyed when she announced her decision, I didn’t bother to ask her why. It makes perfectly good sense.

One good thing that will come out of the Scripting Wife's participation in the Games this year, is that hopefully it will aid in keeping the beginner events for beginners. Every year, a few of the beginner events are too hard, and some of the advanced events are too easy. One reason for that is because of the approach people take to solving a particular problem. By having an actual contestant nearby, I predict I will receive clearer feedback on the solvability of the various scenarios.

The beginner category really is for beginners. Now is the time to learn Windows PowerShell. The 2010 Scripting Games begin April 26th. Remember, scripting really is not a spectator sport. Participate! Dive in and join the fun. Keep an eye on the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog for details.


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  1. Joe G, New Zealand says:

    Hey scripting folks. I’m in! I wanna learn PS. Got really excited by this page:

    THEN I decided that option "4. The Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog" was for me, so I hyperlinked on over to "Scripting Wife series" via

    …then my limitations kicked in. I found myself looking at 4 pages of blog entries, not in any sort of date order, and I couldn’t figure out how to follow the advice on the Option 4 paragraph which said "…the Scripting Wife posts build on each other—so start
    with the very first one and work your way forward from there:"

    I picked through those 4 pages of hits AND……….. found this one – the winner!!! Earliest date: Mar 09 2010:

    IS THAT where I start?! Guess I’m also a blog newby – ha!!

    Is there an easier way for me to start PS from scratch and learn my way up?
    I, too, "…like to hear an explanation, then have someone give me an example to follow"

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