Everything Scripting Games (come here if you are lost)

All the Scripting Games links in one location! The 2009 Summer Scripting Games are officially over, but you will be able to access the content whenever you wish for the next umpteen years. Let the learning continue!

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  1. Anonymous says:

      Mais il n’est pas trop tard pour participer ou sivre ces épreuves. Tous les liens sont ici : Everything

  2. Anonymous says:

    dear scripting guys,

    this site is still my favourite place because of the promise "come here, if you are lost"!

    I daily do come here, but the expert solution links to event 9 and 10 are still missing and the final prize lists too.

    I think, that this place is now abandoned and nobody cares about "the rest of the summer scripting games 2009" … as a whole.

    I’ve got to admit that the games haven’t been too thrilling this time, because of the events themselves and the fact that the expert solutions and the solutions of the others have been published while the games were still going on which somehow spoiled the fun …

    But still I would encourage you, to finish the games with some ceremonies 🙂

    kind regards, Klaus

  3. Klaus: The two pages to which you refer have been updated.

    Please send us e-mail at scripter@microsoft.com if you have further suggestions, ideas, questions, or the like. And it does sound as if Ed has a cool wrap-up in the works, so stay tuned.


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