Hey, Scripting Guy! 2009 Scripting Games Event 5 Details (Beginner and Advanced; 400-meter race)

2009 Summer Scripting Games

Beginner Event 5: The 400-meter race

The 400-meter race is a common track event. You will therefore be asked to perform the very common task of reading from the registry and writing to the registry.

Event Scenario

You have all seen the warnings concerning writing information to the registry. Those warnings are designed to scare you, but they also are often associated with knowledge base articles related to fixing problems or enhancing functionality. The fact is that IT pros are regularly called upon to edit the registry in the course of their day-to-day tasks. If you have one computer to work with, there is no problem using the registry editor. But if you have several hundred or several thousand computers to work with, you have a problem. Scripting is a solution that can solve the problem of a thousand registry edits with a single click.

In this scenario, you will perform one of my favorite registry edits. You will find the current value of the number of simultaneous Internet Explorer download jobs. You will then increase this number to a different value.

Note: You really should back up the registry before beginning this exercise. Additionally, doing this exercise inside a virtual machine with Undo Disks enabled makes thing even easier. For the script, consider adding a test for the registry key to see if it exists. If it does not exist, create the registry key and set its value.


Advanced Event 5: The 400-meter race

Event Scenario

It seems that IT pros always need to read metadata for some reason or another. Metadata is everywhere. Metadata has nothing to do with Star Trek (captain, the aliens are attacking the metadata), rather it is data about data. One of the more familiar instances of metadata is the author field from Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But digital pictures have lots of good metadata as well. The metadata available is somewhat dependent upon the camera used to take the pictures, but in general the camera model, data taken, F-stop, and other important pieces of information may be present on any given digital picture.

In this scenario you need to examine several pictures (in the Competitor's Pack) to determine which camera was used to take which photograph. You should display a list that provides the photo name, when it was taken, and the make and model of the camera.

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