Hey, Scripting Guy! 2009 Scripting Games Event 2 Details (Beginner and Advanced; long jump)

2009 Summer Scripting Games

Beginner Event 2: The long jump

In the long jump event, you will be asked to determine the speed, the strength, and the agility of your computer.  

Event Scenario

Just like in the "real Olympics," everyone wants their computer to be the fastest, the strongest, and the most able. Unlike with an Olympic athlete, all it takes to determine the speed, power, and agility of one's computer is a little bit of code.

To tell how fast your computer is, you will want to retrieve the maximum clock speed of your CPU as well as the amount and speed of your L2 and L3 cache. The strength of your computer is found by identifying the number of cores, the number of logical processors, and the name of the processors. The agility of your computer is found by finding the address width of the processor. Your output should look similar to the following:

Image of how the output should look

Note:If you want to push yourself even further, you might consider reporting that the measurement is not available. This will make your output easier to read. 


Advanced Event 2: The long jump

In this event, you will be required to rearrange an Office Excel spreadsheet containing the results of jumpers, as well as their expected distances. Who is meeting expectations, exceeding expectations, or falling short in their performance?

Event Scenario

IT pros are often tasked with working with Excel spreadsheets. Whether it is creating them, writing to them, or manipulating them, being able to automate Excel is a useful skill to possess.


In this scenario you will use the LongJump_Adv2.xls spreadsheet (in the Competitor's Pack) to determine the performance of long jumpers at their recent Olympic event. Each row contains the following data:

·         Jumper's name

·         Country

·         Season average

·         Season best

·         Raw data for three jumps in the recent meet


You need to do the following:

·         Determine the results of the recent meet by selecting the best jump from the meet.

·         Compare the score with the season average score to see if they are achieving their average, exceeding their average, or underperforming.

·         Re-arrange the spreadsheet (or write to a new spreadsheet with the same name) so that the jumpers are arranged in order by those exceeding their average, achieving their average, or underperforming.

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