How Can I Close a Command Window with a Specific Title?

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How Can I Set Word’s Revision View Mode to Final?

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How Can I Rename Files Like _JKG1234.jpg to 272_DSC_1234.jpg?

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How Can I Get a List of All the Groups Whose Name Starts with G-S-Group?

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How Can I Sort Worksheets in a Workbook?

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How Can I Lock a Workstation After Five Minutes of Inactivity?

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How Can I Verify that ADAM is Installed?

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How Can I Import a Fixed-Width File into Microsoft Excel?

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How Can I Determine the Height and Width of a Picture File Without Using Windows Media Player?

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How Can I Use ADO to Read a Text File Where All the Data is on a Single Line?

Hey, Scripting Guy! I have a fixed-width text file which includes first name (6 characters), last name (13 characters), and department (9 characters) all on a single line. How do I read that using ADO?— DW Hey, DW. Well, to be perfectly honest, we don’t think you can read a file like this using ADO… Read more