SCVMM 2012: Live from SNIA SMILab Plugfest – Creating 50 VMs using SAN based Rapid Provisioning

Today is the 4th and final day of the SNIA SMILab plugfest. One of the tests we use to validate SMI-S providers with SCVMM is to create 50 VMs in parallel using SAN based Rapid Provisioning. We do this in two modes: 50 all at the same time or 50 in batches of 10 (so 5 batches). I kicked off the former test and was able to create 50 VMs on Dell Compellent array. I will not cover details on time elapsed or maximum scale. I will leave that for a bigger more detailed blog post.

Here are a few screen shots:

50 VMs on 3 hosts

List VMs on one of the hosts

Logical units (writeable snapshots)



50 create VM jobs

This test was run using VMM 2012 RC

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