Migrating VS2005 VM with VM Additions (13.813+) installed to Hyper-V using VMM

VMM 2008 automates the uninstall of Virtual Server VM Additions (version 13.813+) and installation Hyper-V Integration Components with no user interaction. Two ways to take advantage of this feature - 1) If you have a VM that was running under Virtual Server and you manually migrated it to Hyper-V, VMM will refresh that VM into the console. At that point you can right click on it an select 'Install Virtual Guest Services' (NOTE: VMM uses this terminology to refer to VM Additions and Integration Components. This is not VMM specific software). 2) If you have an existing Virtual Server VM managed by VMM2008 and you decide to migrate it to Hyper-V.

  1. Please take note that if you select action "Install Virtual Guest Services" on a running VM, the VM remains shutdown after installing Virtual Guest Services – as the dialogs warn, VM will be stopped before proceeding with the install of Virtual Guest Services. VM in an OFF state is the starting power state of the VM when Virtual Guest Services gets installed and is the ending state

  2. Shutdown vs. Stop – The typical use case for installing virtual guest services from the VMM console is when the VM does NOT include VM Additions/IC. In this case, we have no choice but to stop the VM. This is the same behavior with Hyper-V console. This part is by design.

  3. When migrating a VHD that was on Virtual Server to Hyper-V, VMM needs to orchestrate several steps:

Uninstall VM Additions

This requires a reboot

 Install Integration Component

 At this point the Integration Components Installer will replace the HAL of the VM which requires a reboot

 Install Integration Components continues

This requires a reboot upon completion

VMM has to check that IC were properly installed

This will finally shutdown the VM

Virtual Guest Services install/upgrade job is complete at this point



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