On the road for MMS and TechEd 2013

MMS and TechEd season is here and in full swing. MMS in Vegas was a great success and I really enjoyed spending time with customers and partners all week. Next week is TechEd in New Orleans! Make sure to visit the Content Catalog and prepare your schedule for the week. While updating some info about…


Simplicity is Key to Private Cloud from Microsoft (cross post)

Source:http://community.brocade.com/community/brocadeblogs/data_center/blog/2012/04/25/simplicity-is-key-to-private-cloud-from-microsoft By Sue Hartford, Microsoft Global Alliance Manager at Brocade Simplicity was a key message in Brad Anderson’s keynote at the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas this month.   And he’s right on target.  Because let’s face it … if the cost and complexity of deploying private cloud are too high, they erase many of…


FI-B322 – Scripts used during MMS 2012 PowerShell session

Hello everyone, For all of those attending MMS 2012, hope you are having a great week! As promised here is the PowerShell session (FI-B322), script used during the session. #set script variables$vmNamePrefix = “COMBINEDDEMO”#set random number$global:Rand = (new-object random)$random = $rand.Next(100,999)#Get Template by name($t = Get-SCVMtemplate | where {$_.Name -eq “W2K8R2SP1_Template”}) | fl Name, OperatingSystem,…


Analyzing Storage Performance using the Windows Performance Analysis ToolKit (WPT) (cross post)

Excellent post by Robert Smith, PFE:  Introduction Performance problems, especially as they may relate to the storage subsystem, can be quite difficult to troubleshoot.  Enterprise storage technology has come a long way since the SCSI controller with an array of disks.  Fortunately, there are some great tools available to help narrow down where to look…


SC 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager Storage Automation with the IBM XIV Storage System Gen3

IBM recently announced support for SC 2012 – VMM storage automation with the IBM XIV storage system using SMI-S. Microsoft® System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Storage Automation With the IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 This technical white paper reviews key concepts and provides step-by-step implementation examples for Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)…


SC 2012 VMM: Collecting storage related traces

SC 2012 VMM ships with a new service called the Storage Management Service which communicates with SMI-S based providers from vendors like NetApp, EMC, HP, and IBM. To help you troubleshoot problems, SCVMM include lots of storage related tracing information in its own logs and whenever possible, the CIMXML output from the providers. In some cases however, you…


Windows Server 8: Standards-Based Storage Management

Great post from Jeffrey Snover   Windows Server 8 is a cloud optimized OS.  You’ve probably heard that phrase or similar comments a lot recently since we introduced Windows Server 8 last month (see Bill Laing’s blog post.)  Let’s drill in a bit to explain what that really means and why it matters to you….


SCVMM 2012 Quick Tip: Finding which storage arrays a Hyper-V host can see

SNIA SMI Lab kicked off the 4th and final plugfest for 2011 this week. Microsoft is here along with several storage partners. Earlier today, we started testing VMM 2012 with a SMI-S based storage provider and we tried to allocate a LUN to a host group that contained a Hyper-V host. This operation succeeded with…