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Back in February, I placed an order for my new work laptop – Lenovo Carbon X1 and I also got the USB 3.0 Dock.  It took over a month before I received it, but I did get it and finally got everything configured and working nicely on it.  I thought I would just share my experience so far with my new machine.  I am going to section off my comments into three sections – Overall thoughts, What I like and What I wish were better.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I am very happy with this new laptop.  I am happy with the power of the laptop and how it performs when running my applications.  The ability to have four monitors while working at home (with docking station) is a HUGE plus.  Since I have a Core i7 with 8 GB of RAM, I am able to run Client Hyper-V with no problems for some of my basic testing and demoing.  Having used a Lenovo T61p and W510 for the last 5+ years (3 for W510), I totally DON’T miss the weight in my backpack.  In fact, I think the fancy travel adapter (with all the cords) for the Carbon X1 weighs almost as much as the laptop itself.

I do miss the 15.6” screen on my T61p, but am getting used to the 14” with the multi monitor abilities while working at home.  I am bummed that I can’t just easily plug in my eSATA hard drive since there is no built in adapter like I have on my W510.  I have also gotten used to having a large hard drive with a secondary drive in the multi purpose bay from my T61p and W510, but have really started using SkyDrive Pro a lot more to compensate for that.  That is actually a nice benefit when moving between machines so it’s a good thing.  Plus, I am now forced to clean up more.  Smile

I would definitely recommend this laptop as a very solid corporate laptop (has TPM)!

What I Like

  • Light weight
  • Thin
  • Long battery life
  • Capable of Client Hyper-V
  • Touch screen
  • Supports 4 screens with no problems using laptop screen, dock and video out (See screenshot below)
  • Has the eraser head mouse stick (I like this feature)
  • Boot time (True cold boot) is super fast – from initial Lenovo Post to logged into Start screen / desktop in 30 seconds
  • Small USB dock that I can actually take with me for long road trips (has 5 USB 3 ports and 2 DVI ports) – See screenshot below


What I wish were Better

  • SSD hard drive is only 240 GB.  Wish it were 500 GB
  • Had more USB ports (comes with 2)
  • Missing an eSATA port.  Would be fine if the dock had it, but it doesn’t either
  • Larger screen (had a 15.6” and now working with 14”)
  • Display is not HD (but still good)
  • Graphics could be better (See Windows Experience Index screenshot below)
  • Would be nice to have an included Video adapter that also supports HDMI (comes with VGA)



4 Monitor configuration



Windows Experience Index



Thinkpad USB 3.0 Dock





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