New Blog Series for March: Server Virtualization

In January, the US IT Pro Evangelist Team delivered a 31 Day Blog Series on Windows Azure.  In February, we did a 19 Part series on Deployment and Migration.  Now in March, we are kicking of our 20 Part Blog Series on Server Virtualization.  The focus will be How To articles that focuses on Server based Virtualization (mostly around Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012).

Dan Stolts posted the introduction to the new series on his blog with a list of estimated topics and their respective authors.  Please bookmark the post as Dan will be updating the post with links to each of the posts as they go live.  I am including the list here for your reference now, but will not guarantee that I will keep it updated with links to each post.

Series Index: This page will be updated once each post goes live and will contain the live links to each post.

ETA Part # of 20 Title Author
1-Mar 0 Series Introduction Dan Stolts (ITProGuru)
4-Mar 1 Hyper-V Basics Kevin Remde
5-Mar 2 Memory Management: Dynamic Memory… Much Different Than Over Commit! Dan Stolts (ITProGuru)
6-Mar 3 Hot Add hardware… Disk, memory Kevin Remde
7-Mar 4 List of VM’s data sets (Powershell datastore browser) Blain Barton
8-Mar 5 Virtualization Storage – Definitions Bob Hunt
11-Mar 6 Virtualization Storage – SMB Bob Hunt
12-Mar 7 Virtualization Storage – iSCSI Keith Mayer
13-Mar 8 Storage Live Migration Brian Lewis
14-Mar 9 Virtualization Networking Basics 1 – int; ext; private; bridging passing traffic Tommy Patterson
15-Mar 10 Virtualization Networking – Advanced: Teaming Harold Wong
18-Mar 11 Virtualization for heterogeneous environments Chris Avis
19-Mar 12 High Availability: Live Migration Brian Lewis
20-Mar 13 High Availability: Clustering – host Matt Hester
21-Mar 14 High Availability: Clustering – Guest Keith Mayer
22-Mar 15 High Availability: Replication Yung Chou
25-Mar 16 Performance Management: CPU Chris Avis
26-Mar 17 Performance Management: Memory Harold Wong
27-Mar 18 Management – Enterprise: Single Pane of Glass – SCVMM Tommy Patterson
28-Mar 19 Management – Enterprise: App Controller Yung Chou
29-Mar 20 Management – Enterprise: Monitoring Matt Hester
All subject to change. We will also very likely add additional topics Smile

Harold Wong

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    Great series so far…

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