The Windows 8 App Madness Challenge for Students


On Wednesday, the Windows 8 App Madness Challenge for Students was announced and has some pretty cool “prizes”

The challenge is only for students who are a legal resident of the US and at least 18 years of age.  (For a full eligibility requirements, visit: Participation is very simple, just create and have your your Windows 8 App in the Store by April 11, 2012 to qualify.  What are the “prizes” you may be asking?

  • $100 / App ($500 maximum)
  • The student with the most apps in a round can win a trip for 2

Okay, so there are really only 2 prizes, but we’re talking hard cold cash of up to $500 per student and a chance to win a nice trip for 2.  For more details, please go to:

Round 1: February 11-February 25

Round 2: February 26-March 12

Round 3: March 13-March 27

Round 4: March 28-April 11


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