New Blog Series: Migration and Deployment

in January, we did a blog series called 31 Days of Servers in the Cloud.  We got a lot of great feedback and so we decided to continue doing a new series each month.  For February, we are focusing on Migration and Deployment.

We decided to give ourselves the weekends off on this series, so we will have new content on Monday through Friday only.  this actually works out well in that we can have a “theme” for each week in this series.  They will still all be focused on Migration and Deployment, but will be concentrated on a given theme or topic each week.

Our 4 weeks of topic areas breaks down like this:

  • Week #1 (February 4-8): Windows 8
  • Week #2 (February 11-15): Windows Server 2012
  • Week #3 (February 18-22): Windows Azure
  • Week #4 (February 25-28): System Center 2012 App Controller

For example, we’ll be covering topics such as installation requirements and issues, methods for upgrading-in-place or the migration of documents and settings, managing policy and permissions, etc.

“Who is ‘we’? Who are the article authors?”

The authors are me and my amazing teammates – the other Microsoft DPE US IT Pro Technology Evangelists in the United States: Chris Avis, Brian Lewis, Kevin Remde, Matt Hester, Keith Mayer, Dan Stolts, Bob Hunt, Yung Chou, Tommy Patterson, and Blain Barton.

And, as in the past, we will also occasionally call upon an MVP or other subject-matter expert to contribute.

Harold Wong

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